Multi-Apartment Air Conditioning


Most modern forms of air conditioning can pass relevant code/ratings schemes (some with ‘other points’ manipulation)

 Applicable codes in NSW are:

  • NatHERS (requirement of BASIX)
  • Green Star (Where nominated for compliance).

 BASIX (and NatHERS thermal comfort modelling)

With use of these codes the AC system efficiencies are entered.

If straight compliance is not achieved with these systems, energy points could be gained from improvements to the systems (i.e. gas), or appliances, or alternative energy supply (i.e. photovoltaic systems).

Most AC systems would be able to be used, with a successful ‘Pass’ for BASIXS, NatHERS or Green Star.

Green Star

Similarly, regarding Green Star Design and As Built, the points achieved from the greenhouse gas emissions credit would be affected by the chosen system. However these points could be made up in other categories and credits.

If open evaporative cooling towers are used, water usage is higher (cooling tower drift loss).