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Welcome to my blog site “EngineeringbyJorgen”. This blog was set up on 10th August 2014.

I encourage all readership and informative comments and contribution. Please feel free to join in.


The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and ideas on building services and the building industry in general.  I hope this sharing of ideas and thoughts proves useful to the industry and my fellow building professionals.

For many an ‘engineering ‘  blog might at first seem a tad boring.  I hope to dispel that thought and will try not to delve into too much detail and will try to cover all aspects of our industry.


My passions include Buildings & Architecture. That’s how their built and how they look and function.

As an engineer the performance of a building (all energy flows, spatially and functionally) provides endless scope to apply my skills and industry passion.

The needless consumption of energy and impact on resources is an area I constantly strive to solve and educate the industry.

Jorgen Knox


Born in the UK and with 32 years (and counting) in the building industry and more or less designed at least one of everything I feel I can add some useful and interesting commentary.

I have practised HVAC engineering for over 30 years, 18 of these in the Sydney market.

I live in Sydney, with my young family of 3 kids, wife, two cats, 7 chickens and a constant variable number of goldfish.

Jorgen Knox is a practising HVAC professional, located in Sydney NSW and can be contacted via; email: jorgenk@knoxadv.com.au or Tel: 02 800 33 100


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