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For those looking for Building Services input from me, I’ve listed below some of the services I can provide.

I strive to add value on every project including; making ‘the right decision’; cost saving; spatial saving; performance; energy reduction and building comfort and performance.

Engineering ‘by rote’ often results in poor engineering. The science of engineering and building performance should be utilised to ensure optimised solutions and advice.

Don’t want to commit to a consultant, just yet…but need a credible layout (including services requirements and concepts)…Call and chat about hourly rates or fixed low cost advice, to get you over the line.

Please refer to my company web site for more information:

The edge: I can apply my 32+ years of experience on your behalf.

See also my post “What Your Mechanical Engineer Can Do For You

Early and timely quality advice always pays for its self.

FULL Design Services
Provision of all services design Design and documentation for all disciplines including Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics and Fire
Engineering – Architectural
Concepting Review your building, its usage and budget and provide a concept options report. This report could be used for tendering to D&C contractor or as advice to the client.
Early Architect Advice


Provide input during competition stage of a project.
DA Advice


Provision of spatial advice and DA report.
Independent Review Unsure of the quality of work from others. Have it expertly reviewed.
Co or Tri Generation Reviews I have designed and installed many gas fired and bio fuel fired co and tri generation systems. I have worked on the manufacturing/installing side and on the consulting side of projects.

 I can expertly review:

  • Engine Sizing, based on your utility data
  • Design suitability for your site
  • Review of your site for spatial needs, gas supplies, fuel tank locations etc.

 Do not embark on a new system without a full review.

Car park Ventilation


I can review your designs to achieve natural ventilation.
Tenancy Services Review Are you unhappy with your internal tenancy environment?

 Independent review of your services.

Supplementary Systems What supplementary systems are required for your proposed tenancy fit out? Can they be provided?
Independent Review Independent review of the designs provided to you…are they the best option?
Pre Lease review Review your tenancy for its suitability for your proposed usage.
Tenancy Design


Concept designs to suit your tenancy fit out.
Independent Reviewer On your behalf reviews works done and comment on their installation, % complete (for payment purposes) and the like.
Report Review Just received a report? Don’t know what it means. I can review and simplify and assist with your decision process.
Not Satisfied with works on Site I can provide an independent impartial review.
Design review


Just received a design. Is it any good? I can review.
Received a consultants fee submission I can review for completeness and fee range.
Received a complicated tender return I can undertake a detailed review to make sure you have covered all the basis and are comparing ‘apples with apples’
Looking for the winning edge. I can be part of your team and provide out of the box workable solutions, giving you the edge.
Services BCA review I can review compliance with the BCA, complete with a report. This combined with your BCA consultant’s report will cover all the basis.
Expert Witness I can assist you with expert witness services.

Jorgen Knox
HVAC Specialist
T: 0420 465 854


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