Residential Corridors and Gas Meter Cupboards

Gas Meter Ventilation – Residential Buildings

This post discusses the need to provide ventilation to meter cupboards, in residential, non fire escape corridors.

Gas meters are, of late, finding themselves in corridor cupboards.

The Gas Code (now AS 5601) requires these enclosures to be ventilated. The Gas code provides guidance on this.

There is some apparent confusion as to whether the corridor needs to provide sufficient ventilation, to in turn ventilate the gas meter cupboard.

My reading of the code is that the corridor must also be ventilated in accordance with the gas code. This can be by permanent natural openings to outside (see adjoining room requirements in the Gas Code) or the meter cupboard can be ventilated via mechanical means….duct and fan.

Note: it is my understanding the air pressure in the gas cupboard should be neutral or negative. This is to prevent gas being ‘pushed’ into any adjoining spaces.

Not providing ventilation may allow gas to build up in a corridor with a ‘poor outcome’ and obviously contravene the Gas Safety Act.

What to Do?

Speak with your projects Hydraulic Consultant. If they are proposing no ventilation, or ventilation to another space, which in turn is not ventilated, get this in writing and also get this backed up, again in writing, by the gas supplier/authority (Jemena).

A cupboard on an outside wall can be ventilated direct to outside…look to get this on your project.


The above is my personal opinion and must not be used on any project. Seek your project consultants’ expert advice.

Author: Jorgen Knox

Date: 11/08/2014

Contact: e:, t: 02 800 33 100, w: KAE, LI