Multi-Apartment Air Conditioning


 Split Systems (1 to 1)

An individual air cooled split system serving each apartment allows ownership of the apartment air conditioning system to be transferred to the apartment owner / investor / occupier, who is then responsible for their air conditioning system’s energy consumption, maintenance, repair and eventual replacement, with minimal involvement required by the development’s body corporate.

Each individual air cooled split inverter system is connected to the associated apartment’s metered electrical distribution board, with the energy consumed included in the apartment’s overall electrical energy consumption. The apartment owner / investor / occupier is required to enter into a negotiated energy supply and billing arrangement directly with the apartment owner’s / investor’s / occupier’s electrical energy distributor of choice, and not with the body corporate.

Large VRF Systems – Multiple Apartments

The air cooled condensers form part of a common system, connected to the developments house power, complete with isolator. The common system includes the refrigeration pipework to floor located BC’s and BC’s.

The in room indoor units are often powered from each tenants metered power supply (Confirm with AS3000), complete with electrical isolator. The apartment owner owns the indoor unit and refrigeration pipework between the indoor unit in the apartment and the floor located BC.

The apartment owner / occupier is required to enter into a negotiated energy supply and billing arrangement directly with the body corporate for their share of the power and maintenance costs associated with the central air cooled condensers.

The system will come complete with a manufacturers BMCS system. This system will determine the power consumption of the refrigeration system for each apartment. The body corporate or the body corporate via an independent billing company will be required to retrieve costs from each tenant. Often a bond is required for this cost in case of non-payment or dispute.

Note; AS3000 to be consulted regarding wiring and isolation requirements.